WBA Educational Videos

As we embark on the 2015 season, we are in the process of upgrading all aspects of WBA in an effort to make your experience the best it can be.

One of these steps is the inclusion of the WBA Philosophy done through two videos titled:  “The Competitive Advantage.”

These videos have been illustrated by Karl Lowe and narrated by me.  The music video is roughly 15 minutes long and the visual video is roughly 12 minutes long.

It has been brought to my attention that many of the talented folks who teach our bands are carrying in the judging and programming values from our companion Activities.  This has skewed their accurate perception of the WBA approach.  These videos will address that issue and allow all of us to be on the same page as we enter the competitive season. 

The videos are appropriate for your students and your boosters to view to give them a better understanding of how the scoring works. 

On the home page of WBA’s web page, just click on Education under the Resources tab at the top of the page and both videos will be open for your viewing.  I hope you will view both videos and I invite your feedback.  It’s always a pleasure to hear from you. 

-Shirlee Whitcomb, WBA Education Coordinator


Madera Heart of California Tournament of Champions

October 07 @ Madera High School

Vista Murrieta So Cal Tournament of Gold

October 07 @ Vista Murrieta High School

Valley Christian Quest Classic

October 07 @ Chabot College

Gilroy Garlic City Classic

October 14 @ Gilroy High School

Ayala Music In Motion Tournament

October 14 @ Ruben Ayala High School

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