RCC Marching Tigers

Riverside City College, Riverside, CA

2021 Program

Music for the Soul

James Rocillo (Band Director), Kurt Kilgus (Music Specialist)
Design Staff – Music
Wayne Downey (Winds Arranger)
Design Staff – Visual
Paul Locke (Drill Designer)
Design Staff – Percussion
Scott Johnson (Battery Arranger), Brian Dinkel (Front Ensemble Arranger)
Design Staff – Auxiliary
Tim Mikan (Guard Choreographer)
Instructional Staff – Music
Nick Gomez (Music Instructor (woodwinds)), Mark Mellado (Music Instructor (brass))
Instructional Staff – Visual
Darrel Burns (Visual Caption Head), Johnny Jagerman (Visual Instructor), Ryan Maidment (Visual Instructor), Paul Locke (Visual Instructor)
Instructional Staff – Percussion
Matt Regua (Battery Caption Head), Matt Shippey (Battery Instructor (snare)), Daniel Kay (Battery Instructor (tenor)), Caleb Gasteiger (Battery Instructor (bass)), Ron Lemos (Battery Instructor (cymbal)), Brian Dinkel (Front Ensemble Caption Head), Lauren Hutson (Front Ensemble Instructor)
Instructional Staff – Auxiliary
Tim Mikan (Guard Caption Head), Robby Jacobson (Guard Instructor), Ashley Mikan (Guard Instructor), Jose Pena (Guard Instructor)

2021 Events

RCC Big Orange ClassicOctober 23, 2021
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